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Titanic (Recount Text)


On April 15, 1912, Titanic, one of the British largest and luxurious liners, sank into the North Atlantic Ocean which about 400 miles south of Newfoundland, Canada.
That giant ship which carried 2,200 passengers and crews had struck an iceberg. Two and a half hour later the ship sank into the deep North Atlantic Ocean at 2:20 a.m.
From that tragedy, more than 1,500 people went down in the sinking ship. Some of them froze to death in the icy North Atlantic water and around 700 people (high class woman and children) survived.
Unfortunately that giant luxurious ship was not equipped with much more lifeboats and good emergency procedures so that the victims of that tragedy were more than the half passengers and crews.
That tragedy became popular again some years later after James Cameron directed a movie entitled Titanic in 1997.
The movie that was inspired by the tragedy of the sinking titanic was a f…

Cinderella (Narrative Text)

via Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young girl named Cinderella. He lived with his step mother and two sisters. They were arrogant and bad tempered. They treated Cinderella very badly. Her step mother made Cinderella do the hardest job in the house, such as scrubbing the floor, cleaning the pot and pan and preparing food for the family. Her step sisters, on the other hand, did not work on the house. Their mother gave them many pretty dresses to wear.
One day, a king invited all girls in his kingdom to attend a ball in his palace. They were excited about this and spent so much time choosing the dresses they would wear. Cinderella could not stop crying after they left.
“Why are you crying, Cinderella?” the voice asked.
She looked up and saw a fairy standing beside her. Then Cinderella told her why she was crying. Well the fairy said, “you’ve been such a cheerful, hardworking, uncomplaining girl that I will see th…